Monday, October 8, 2012



Hello Foodies, lets talk about Managers who don't listen to customers...
Yesterday was a great day to eat out in Murfreesboro. Apparently because every restarant we choose to go to was wrapped around the building except one. And now we know why.

Situation: Party of four enters restaurant, famished and in good spirits. We sit. 10 minutes later, our waitress finally comes to the table, apparently rushing through our drink orders without the slightest suggestion of what else we may want to drink. perhaps a margarita? She did not even ask! SADFACE! moving on. After deciding on appetizers, also without suggestion we wait patiently for our order to come.

Appetizers arrive along with " We are all out of Grilled shrimp only Fried" will that do? Well I guess so says the man whos paying the bill. As our tea glasses continue to diminish, we see that it takes 10 minutes each time to get a simple tea refill. what madness of customer service is this?

Food to the table. Wait a minute! This cheesy Chicken plate looks identical to a kiddie platter at Taco Bell and guess what the dried burnt shrimp only served to make the dish look even less appealing? 12.00 of crap!

So after experiencing the Ultimate disgust. He walks out and we request a manager. Mr. Manager , who never introduced himself or bothered to listen to our complaints, came over to the table, told us what he would do an rushed off to ruin someone elses over priced lunch!

Case in Point! This is why there was no line... bad, slow service, terrible management skills, and not hardly enough of a portion to satisfy a 3 year old.
1714 Old Fort Parkway  Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Thumbs DOWN!