Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BoDocks on The Rocks....

Dear Harley Lovers,

Recently on an adventure into Lunch Land before the manicure after the pedicure, hunger overtook me! All I wanted were some piping hot french fries. So me and Senor Security decide to venture into The Canton House on Riverstone Parkway. Booo No French Fries on the menu. Therefore we decided to challenge the BoDocks Persona to a duel.He had been in there before accompanied by
Mr. Ray "All American Handyman" Hollowell, (1st Impressions Home Upgrades and Repair 404-259-0927).I dont believe they ate..anyway.. My daughter also frequented the Joint to play a bit of Poker. But this was my first time and I wanted FOOOD!

As we enter the smokey dark Bar and Grill, I am pleased with its sense of classy ruggedness and can't wait to sit right by the pool tables across from the jukebox! positioning is everything.

Now on 1st Impression, yes This is A BIKER BAR! Mr. Ray is a BIKER! I am not yet a Biker! So what! Moving on.. next The Ultimate Blonde Bombshell Biker Babe walks over to greet us with a personality that only I can compete with GO Team! It did not matter what I ate, her Smile was worth the visit. She called me sweet cheeks and that became her name.. She is officially Sweet Cheeks.

I'm still hungry at this point. I look at the menu which is Hard Core American! Burger, Fries, Cheese and Grease ! I want it All, but I settle on an order of Loaded Fries (6.50) and a side salad with ranch (2.75) and of course a pitcher of America's Finest Budweiser! Yes! Mama!

While waiting on the memory of the food, lets talk about this jukebox.. Top of The Line.. millions of Songs! Go Team Universal Appeal! Here comes Sweet Cheeks!

In front of me I now have a plate with fries, chili, bacon(which I normally do not eat) Cour cream, cheese of course, jalapenos and it looks like my arteries are going to have a nervous breakdown! Only complaint I have as I scarfed it down is,, can I get more Jalapenos next time...Yummy... Can you believe I even had the nerves to Eat the fresh iceberg (noeggs) salad last.. Ha Ha Great with Budweiser!

In the end, the truth is how come such great CUSTOMER SERVICE can't be achieved everywhere.


I would spend all My Entertainment Budget anywhere With Service With a Smile.. Enjoy my Money BoDock!

Dont forget Ladies!
RED NAIL! Family Owned and Operated located on Riverstone Parkway between Cherokee Loans and BoDocks!
Manicure/pedicure $28.00 Go Team!

Love Ya See Ya BYE!
150 Riverstone Parkway  Canton, GA 30114
(770) 704-7001

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Go Team Concept ! Who Wants Their Company To GROW?


Human Resource Specialist,
I am writing to you to introduce to you a concept which is perfect for  YOUR COMPANY, BUSINESS, TEAM! I am the perfect person for it!
Learn to apply current knowledge and technology to acquire   position as The GO TEAM  NATIONAL RECRUITER for YOUR COMPANY! As The Go Team Recruiter, I interview top producing CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS for  the  Go Team Training Team which Travels to teach All CSA’S The Go Team Concept. Also recruit and hire new Team Members for Challenged markets who have a high overturn IN SALES, MARKETING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE INDUSTRIES.
Improve the Techniques used to recruit ES. The right attitude, The right Presence, talents and skills creates the Right Go  to TEAM!

Plan of Action!
To improve on growth of YOUR  Team, first begins with an audition process instead of a standard interview. New recruitment can be geared towards actors and actresses because they already have the mindset that life is just a STAGE!
 In house recruitment for The GO TEAM includes already proven top producers who are predisposed to be go getters, attention junkies and set on selling themselves. Joining the top producers together on one team to travel the country teaching refined techniques of selling which they have tried and tested can only result in tremendous sales increases.
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In order  to  grow the Team ..My recruitment plan will include a series of group interviews at which time the prospects are actually required to sale themselves to the recruitment team. Standard interview processes only bring in standard sales people.  My recruitment plan will include a series of training seminars involving the Selling, Marketing and Networking to the Affluent Concepts. Which attract Exceptional Sales People!  The current phone call verification method which I call the "Candid Call”, (thanks Raheema!)is  great because it catches the prospect off task and in their natural state thus showing more of their personality and ability to sell. So I will make use of this method also. Solidifying the choices by also using a preemployment checklist at the group interview events!
To Succeed in Sales increases:
 Incentives, Contests and Challenges! Implement the Go Team Secret Shopper contest wherein Those who register to compete Nationally are basically targeted for the toughest events and challenged to produce Sales. My recruitment plan also includes the use of The in-house social networking site to be a priority for all Team members who are part of the Go Team internal Structure!
The Go Team Result is what I hope to see by implementing this plan. The Go Team Result is a Company Wide Team of Top Producing SALES MARKETING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS  That Travel to COMPANY WIDE thus making Go TEAM CONCEPTcompletely contagious and connects EVERYONE TO THE REAL  GO TEAM!

Sherreka Crenshaw