Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How is Your GoTeam life Coming Along?
(share a comment about it plzz)

Hello and Thank you for beginning to read this Posting. First and foremost I want to write on behalf of The Entire Team , that We Are Glad you are here too! 

GOTEAM! (jump up and Yell!)
Combing craigslist as i often do because its the New favorite pastime of many of Us, I came across a posting that absolutely need to be Shared...As Follows:

Before we state our Needs ,I want to share valuable information about the Team Members.
The youngest at the moment is an 18 years old female who is the newest member of The Atlanta Xplosion Womens Football Team! yeah GoTeam! And she needs a stable environment to Hone her Skills. Pick Your favorite Player to Sponsor!
The eldest of the 2 is an aspiring Future Owner of a Waffle House Inc Franchise, and she Requires Room to Intensify her Customer Service Skills
As the Matron of the Team, I am writing this request in order to Introduce you to my profession. I am an E-Entertainer who Supplies Real-Time Content to The New American Business Owner by use of video & audio mass produced across INTERNATIONAL E-Venues using a format which is Easily translated over various Socio-Economic Backgrounds. oh and i'm selling Luxury Cars Exclusively in Nigeria. (email carsbbwslove.ng@mail.com for inventory!)  Internet Access Is my Only Nessesity! 

And Lastly we have our Security Officer. Need I say More. (He's just Happy To be Here and never Ever likes a Filthy Environment)

All Working Adults. 

We are here in Metropolitan Atlanta for Many reasons but the Most urgent is to assist in The location of My Grandson who was kidnapped by his other Family and The Universe keep pulling us here for more reasons which cant be explained in words at this moment.

Our Livelihood is in jeopardy in the current area where we reside because we are located in an area of destitution where the Property Manager Disrespects Every human Being on his property unless they are giving him his Prize. Where the sewage is leaking from the toilet line under the Living space and the carpets are accumulating Mold by the Moment. And finally where The advertisement in the Thrifty nickle says 2 chairs and 1 table and the chair we have is broken. Are you serious @almost 775 a month in weekly payments on renewal date. all utilities included as long as you can deal with the Urine Infested carpets, unsanitary Cleaning practices where in 2 out of 3 rooms they never wiped the blood, boogers or bile off the walls. Thats Ok Thanks DJ (@djhomerd) for that bottle of HOSPITAL ONLY DISINFECTANT.

We seek a weekly rental which can accomodate us. For a reasonable price. in addition to the agreed upon rental payments we can perform landscaping, painting, and design for your office, business, residences, and rooms. 

Must be centrally located to MARTA! We LOVE THE TRAINS!
Please just talk to us you'll We Are Straight Up Good People and We like to Be On the Teams with Other Good People. But Always a WORK IN PROGRESS! IM JUST SAYING.
thank you 


Now all im saying is if This can be a Goteam situation Everything Else Can Be Too! GoTeam Forever! #wewillmissmacredregradless!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Not Check out Checkers (3785 Austell Rd SW)

Question of the Day? 
Is there a difference in customer service in Fast Food Restaurants in Urbanized and Black Culture Dominated Communities and those in Mainly Caucasian Areas?

Ill answer that according to me. YES! I have had many experiences in Fast Food Drive Thrus and let me say the sad truth, Whites are Fast and Friendly, Hispanics are Fast and Accurate, and The Blacks, God help us All, are most likely to Not Smile, Be slow, and Make you feel like You Messed up choosing to come on their shift.

That statement may be very offensive to many of you but honestly speaking, after over 15 years of Experience in Customer Service related Industries and 10 Years in Restaurant management , I know what the Hell I'm saying. It is just an Observation which is too often Verified. Personally I would Fire Them All! You don't want to be in this Drive Thru, guess what there is a database full of applications waiting to get a phone call.
Now to the Story, I got carried away.. It Happens!@dang

btw: GoTeam Prospectors & Connectors: Advertisement Sales and Marketing
Commission Based: TeleCommute: Set Your Own Pay: Work when you want: Get Paid as Your Earn, same day!
email Letter of Interest Only to goteam@mail.com subject $$$yourname


Now before I begin, I have to tell you, I Love Checkers as a whole , way back to Rally's. So keep in mind it truly hurts me to bash them out but in the true American way I have to share this experience.
2 days ago at 12:20 am < My daughter and I needed our Philly Fries Fix so we drove to This location. So as we are pulling up the Checkerite was out the back door smoking and he waited until we pulled all the way up before budging to head inside (oops did I say that) Good thing we are looking at the menu a minute. The Checkerite (Leon) Gets on the speaker in a tone which made me want to gas up and run my car through the building missing everything but him. 

      Now personally I would have driven off, but my daughter was hungry for her Tater Skins. So we gave him a try. "Well, its going to take 5 minutes to cook anything" (real rude like, before saying hi, kiss my butt or what hes supposed to say, something like Hi welcome to checkers. Oh no Not Leon, He is not at all polite with the ordering process. Im enraged but my daughter says, MOM PLEASE I dont want them to ruin my food. OK 

I roll up TO THE WINDOW and once again this Checkerite, Leon, does not appreciate that for every dime we spend here he can keep his paycheck coming. Instead Leon slams the window, does not supply requested condiments, does not say thank you continues to speak with discontent and I am now disgusted with this checkers, because who leaves this imbecile in the drive thru by himself to treat paying customers this way. I did not order anything!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013


  If you have ever had a Boss who did not know how to treat you right,  then this letter is for you. The problem these days is people who are managers, supervisors, leadmen with the ability to lead but who lack the demeanor and knowledge needed to properly Respect their Teams!    

        This week my daughter Sherrea C. , who was a member of HARDEES NW BROAD street and I had to leave on a family emergency to another state. My eldest child is missing. We also had vehicle trouble while there. We called in the appropriate time frame and were immediately spoken to in a manner which was highly unprofessional and degrading. AMY, THE STORE MANAGER, called while I was on the phone with the towing company and when I attempted to reinnerate our circumstances, she replied,"well SHERREA KNEW SHE HAD TO WORK, WHAT IS SHE DOING IN ANOTHER STATE , ANYWAY" IN a very tasteless manner. I told her to have a nice day and hung up. 

        I have a thread on our contact phone where Juston the shift leader repeatedly text my daughter using fuck, fucking, and shit over 15 times, after being asked to please allow us to use our phone and stop blocking the line. Which I would like to forward to the appropriate Hardees Officer. I told this to Amy and she responded by sucking her teeth. We returned Saturday Morning to speak with amy and retrieve copies of Sherreas Paystub so that we have proof so she may get employment where our family is , so that we can aid in the search for my eldest child. we also need them for a loan.(hint hint all gifts through paypal humbly accepted)

       When we went to the restaurant, AMY STATES THAT SHE DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO HER PAYSTUBS, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD PREVIOUSLY GOTTEN THEM FOR sherrea and, I became niggerishly Beligerent , I acted according to stereotypes of ANGRY BLACK WOMEN, BECAUSE I AM IRATE. We had hoped to address this situation amongst Family, because my daughter repeatedly refered to her coworkers as her family, but they refuse to be civil. i sent this message to Juston because he was also our neighbor after the incident today where I CURSED HIM OUT IN FRONT OF A LUNCH RUSH FULL.I DISRESPECTED HIM LIKE HE DID MY DAUGHTER AND OUR FAMILY. AMY IS A WHOLE OTHER STORY BECAUSE SHE LIED ABOUT PROMOTING SHERREA YET HAD HER TRAIN NEW EMPLOYEES AS IF SHE WERE A TRAINER AND SHE LIED TO MY FACE ABOUT THE STUBS.

      I KNOW, that was a bit uncalled for..right! I'm an O.G. Nigga, however I must also say that I really admire the way you handled that situation..It was very professional unlike those horrible messages you sent my daughter.     Did she not come to your aid everytime you or Amy called her in to cover shifts that "your favorites" did not show up for? IF IM LYING PLEASE CORRECT ME. that being said, YOU KNOW IF IT WERE NOT IMPORTANT SHERREA WOULD NOT CALL OUT. unlike other members of your TEAM, she valued her employment, her customers, and her TEAM. YOU AND AMY PROVED THAT, YOU DID NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THAT by not promoting her, that petty azz raise, and then both of you DISRESPECTING HER AND OUR FAMILY BY HARRASSING US AT OUR TIME OF NEED. The worst part about it, is Sherrea really Likes Hardees and would have been a great asset to the company if Her Team Leaders were really doing their jobs.I REALLY WANT TO SEND THOSE MESSAGES YOU TEXTED TO YOUR CORPORATE OFFICE, but Sherrea told me, VICKIE is already down your and AMYS BACK for probable termination, and its hard for a young black man to have stable employment in a position of semi authority in MURFREESBORO, TN unless you are sucking a white womans pussy. which you do. therefore I MIGHT CONSIDER A SLIDE, IF YOU CALL MY DAUGHTER AND APOLIGIZE FOR TREATING HER AS IF SHE WAS NOT WORTHY OF THE RESPECT OF A BLACK WOMAN..A QUEEN...YOU HAVE UNTIL I PUT THIS OUT TO HANDLE YOUR BIZ....btw I like you too.

Now some of you may be wondering why I attacked Juston instead of Amy,
Heres why:
Juston is a young black man who has presented himself as a friend to my daughter as well as a co worker
 Juston sent the disrespectful messages
 Juston drove by the house repeatedly yesterday, stalking
 and Juston should have known better than to talk to my daughter in that manner, he doesnt talk to white women or redbones like that and it wont happen here either.

about Amy,
 She knew EXACTLY when to Shut The Fuck UP except when she said Call The Police...For WHAT!

paypal gifts to upstreamfrequencys@live.com Please and Thank You , this is REal!