Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Not Check out Checkers (3785 Austell Rd SW)

Question of the Day? 
Is there a difference in customer service in Fast Food Restaurants in Urbanized and Black Culture Dominated Communities and those in Mainly Caucasian Areas?

Ill answer that according to me. YES! I have had many experiences in Fast Food Drive Thrus and let me say the sad truth, Whites are Fast and Friendly, Hispanics are Fast and Accurate, and The Blacks, God help us All, are most likely to Not Smile, Be slow, and Make you feel like You Messed up choosing to come on their shift.

That statement may be very offensive to many of you but honestly speaking, after over 15 years of Experience in Customer Service related Industries and 10 Years in Restaurant management , I know what the Hell I'm saying. It is just an Observation which is too often Verified. Personally I would Fire Them All! You don't want to be in this Drive Thru, guess what there is a database full of applications waiting to get a phone call.
Now to the Story, I got carried away.. It Happens!@dang

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Now before I begin, I have to tell you, I Love Checkers as a whole , way back to Rally's. So keep in mind it truly hurts me to bash them out but in the true American way I have to share this experience.
2 days ago at 12:20 am < My daughter and I needed our Philly Fries Fix so we drove to This location. So as we are pulling up the Checkerite was out the back door smoking and he waited until we pulled all the way up before budging to head inside (oops did I say that) Good thing we are looking at the menu a minute. The Checkerite (Leon) Gets on the speaker in a tone which made me want to gas up and run my car through the building missing everything but him. 

      Now personally I would have driven off, but my daughter was hungry for her Tater Skins. So we gave him a try. "Well, its going to take 5 minutes to cook anything" (real rude like, before saying hi, kiss my butt or what hes supposed to say, something like Hi welcome to checkers. Oh no Not Leon, He is not at all polite with the ordering process. Im enraged but my daughter says, MOM PLEASE I dont want them to ruin my food. OK 

I roll up TO THE WINDOW and once again this Checkerite, Leon, does not appreciate that for every dime we spend here he can keep his paycheck coming. Instead Leon slams the window, does not supply requested condiments, does not say thank you continues to speak with discontent and I am now disgusted with this checkers, because who leaves this imbecile in the drive thru by himself to treat paying customers this way. I did not order anything!

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